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  • 25 original worksheets designed to lead you through interesting and challenging problems, all with full video solutions

  • 5 themes/topic areas each with 5 sections. Study 2 hours per day over 5 weeks or 5 hours per day as an intensive 2 week course

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Course curriculum

This curriculum is intended as a guide. The course is in pre-order mode and the exact content of the lessons in the final course may vary a little from that presented here.

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

    • Welcome to the course

  • 2

    A: Indices, Surds and Logarithms

    • Week 1: Index laws, including negative and fractional indices

    • Week 2: Surds - Introduction and rationalising denominators

    • Week 3: Surds - harder rationalising and other problems

    • Week 4: Logarithms introduction

    • Week 5: The rules of logarithms

  • 3

    A1: Index laws, including negative and fractional indices

    • Rules of indices 1 - Integer powers

    • Rules of indices 2 - Fractional powers

    • Rules of indices 3 - Examples

    • Worksheet

    • Question 1 Solution

    • Question 2 Solution

    • Question 3 Solution

    • Question 4 Solution

    • Question 5 Solution

    • Question 6 Hint

    • Question 6 Solution

    • Question 7 Hint

    • Question 7 Solution

    • Question 8 Hint

    • Question 8 Solution

  • 4

    B: Equations and Inequalities, Functions and Graphs

    • Week 1: Factorising quadratics + disguised quadratics

    • Week 2: Completing the square and use to sketch the graph of a quadratic

    • Week 3: Relationship between roots and factors in general - factor theorem

    • Week 4: Sketching the graphs of quadratics and cubics from their roots

    • Week 5: Quadratic (and more general) inequalities

  • 5

    C: Co-ordinate Geometry and Differentiation

    • Week 1: Straight lines and their equations

    • Week 2: Midpoints and perpendicular bisectors

    • Week 3: Differentiation of simple polynomials

    • Week 4: Finding tangents and normals (simple cases)

    • Week 5: Differentiation with fractional and negative indices

  • 6

    D: Trigonometry - including equations and simple identities

    • Week 1: Sin cos and tan beyond 90 degrees

    • Week 2: Exact forms and the most important trigonometric identities

    • Week 3: Solving trigonometric equations

    • Week 4: Using trigonometric identities to solve equations

    • Week 5: Harder trigonometric equations and identities

  • 7

    E: Sequences and Series

    • Week 1: Sequence notation, periodic, convergent and divergent sequences

    • Week 2: Arithmetic and Geometric progressions

    • Week 3: Sigma notation for summing series

    • Week 4: The sum of an arithmetic progression

    • Week 5: The sum of a geometric progression


  • Is this course suitable for a student who has already taken IGCSE Further Maths or OCR FSMQ Add Maths?

    Most of the content of this course is also covered in these qualifications. The course has been designed to give most benefit to a student who has just taken GCSE or IGCSE maths and is preparing for A-level. A student who has mastered IGCSE Further Maths or OCR FSMQ Add Maths will get less from this course, but it could still be helpful if they have found it challenging or would like further revision.

  • How long will my enrolment last?

    Access to the course lasts for one year. The course will initially show as expiring one year after purchase, but all enrolments will be reset to expire on 1st July 2022 once the full course is launched.

  • What if the course is not ready by 30th June?

    I am very confident that the course will be ready by 30th June 2021. If for any reason it is not then I will write to you to offer a full refund.

  • I have another question you have not answered here

    Please use the e-mail link in my instructor bio below to get in touch.


Kevin Olding

Kevin Olding is an experienced teacher and tutor, having worked for 7 years at two leading independent schools in London, and for over a decade as a private tutor. He holds a First Class MMATH Mathematics degree from Magdalen College, Oxford, an MSc in Applied Statistics from Birkbeck, University of London (Distinction and prize for best overall performace), MRes in Statistical Applied Mathematics (Distinction and soon PhD) from the University of Bath, as well as a degree in Law. He is also the creator of the Mathsaurus YouTube channel, which has tens of thousands of subscribers and millions of video views.

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